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Dark Lord Of The Sith

The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force. References available on request.



Watto's Junk Shop - I love pod races, and I can fix anything!

Mar 1986 - May 1990

Jedi Knight

The Jedi Order - Jedi training, secret quests, daring missions, space battles, leading the 501st. You name it.

Jun 1990 - Oct 2005

Sith Lord

Galactic Empire - Bringing peace and prosperity to the galaxy — one star system at a time.

Mar 2000 - Present


Jedi Training

The Jedi Temple

Jun 1990 - Jan 2008

Core Skills

  • Force choke
  • Force jump
  • Battle meditation
  • Lightsaber dueling
  • Aggressive negotiations
  • Starfighter piloting
  • Epic robotic voice
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